Iraq 1966-1969: The experiences of an agriculturalist


This includes my pictorial account and description of traditional river based farming in Iraq and my visits to major archeological and historical sites in Iraq, covering trips to the Kurdish area, North Iraq, the traditional Sunni farming societies, Middle Euphrates River and to the Shia Marsh Arabs living in the delta formed by the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers, South Iraq.
Considering the information given to me by individual Kurdish, Sunni and Shia Iraqi in the 1960s I envisaged that the intense hatred between these groups could easily lead to a civil war in Iraq, which civil war unfortunately started in 2004 and is ongoing till today.  

1. Agricultural Series

2. Travels to archeological sites

3. Travels to historical sites

4. Living in Baghdad 1966-1969

5. The Iraq Civil War, 2007. My tentative prediction from the 1960's