A. Ethiopia: The rural situation during the 1970s and before

1. Background Information Ethiopia
2. The rural situation in Ethiopia in the 1970s
2.1 The Northern Highlands: The Amharic and Tigray
2.2 The Southern Highlands: The Oromo and Sidamo
2.3 The eastern low lands: The Afar
2.4 The south eastern lowlands: The Somali
3. The regime of emperor Haile Selassie 1930-1974
4. The 1970-1974 drought and famine in Ethiopia
5. The 1974 Ethiopian revolution

B. Settlement of landless rural population

6. The need to settle landless in the lowlands
7. Government and Non-Government settlement organizations
8. The National Ethiopian Settlement Agency
9. The 1975 Settlement Study
9.1 The landless Ethiopian rural population
9.2 Description of the six settlement case studies.
10. Summary of conclusions and recommendations

1. The Konso
2. Living in Addis Ababa during the Revolution 1975-1979
3. References
3.1 General
3.2 Technical reports on settlement of rural landless
3.3 The Charles van Santen Image Collection: Ethiopian chapter.