A. Scientific documents written by Charles Emile Benjamins or prepared under his guidance:

During his life Charles Emile was associated with 369 articles & monographs on medical subjects, which papers are compiled in his Opera Omni and stored in the ENT Diseases Department of the University Medical Centre of Groningen University, the Netherlands.
  • 166 Papers of which he was the single author, among which were:
  • 10   Clinical Lessons
  • 9    Papers on tropical medical subjects    
  • 4   Papers on acoustic subjects, which specialization was called Audiology after World War II  From the other papers, nine papers on acoustic subjects, six papers were written by his co-worker the physicist and later professor of Audiology Henk C. Huizing and three by other Ph.D students.
  • 22 Reprints of an earlier article in a second language:
        French, German or English
  • 42 Papers in which he shared authorship with one or more colleagues and
  • 139 Papers which were written by other authors under his guidance, among which.
  • 79 by E. Huizinga, his senior medical assistant, later his successor as ORL professor.            
  • 10 Dissertations by respectively:
    1.Oldenstam R.A.
    2.Hiddema A.
    3. Vermeulen B.S.
    4. Struiken J.M.H.
    5.Huizing H.C.
    6. Hacquebord P.
    7 De Graaf J.
    8.Ter Heege F.H.
    9.Pannekoek F.J.M and
    10.Weersma P.      

B. Text books on medical and related subjects:

Publications in Dutch
  • 1924 An introduction to physiology ( Beknopt leerboek der physiologie, door C.E. Benjamins ;J.H.O.Reys  et al.  1924,Thieme Zupthen t 2nd  print 1929, 3rd print 1934
  • 1931 The bronchoscope as diagnostic and therapeutic tool- De bronchoscopie als diagnostisch en als therapeutisch hulpmiddel door C.E. Benjamins: Haarlem 1931,Bohn
  • 1940 Part 6 The sense organs in:
    The physiological text-book by G. van Rijnbeek, editor (Nederlandsch leerboek der physiologie:Onder leiding van G. van Rijnbeek Deel 6 : De zintuigen door C.E Benjamins, Amsterdam 1940/1946 Swets & Zeitlinger  

Publications in German
  • 1928 Diseases caused by infections and parasites- in German.
  • 1928 Dermatosen, tropical diseases and German of Volume 4: The diseases of the air passages and the mouth:. Two sections of the standard text book on: Neck, nose and ear diseases by J.F. Bergmann, published in 1928 by Springer in Berlin, “Die Krankheiten der Luftwege und der Mundhöhle Deel: Tl. 4: Infektionskrankheiten,  pflanzliche und tierische Parasiten, Erkrankungen bei verschiedenen Dermatosen, Tropenkrankheiten, Blutungen / bearb. von C.E. Benjamins ... [et al.]  1928: Springer, Berlin  Editor:  J.F. Bergmann  Handbuch der Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenheilkunde ; Bd. 4: 774 p”
Publications in French
  • Bony tumors of the nose and the sinuses, Part 31 of the monograph  Oto-rhino-laryngologiques published in 1938 in Bordeaux by Delmas. “Les tumeurs osseuses du nez et des sinus: analyses en allemand et anglais /  C.E. Benjamins, 1938, publisher [Bordeaux] : Delmas Series Monographies oto-rhino-laryngologiques internationals  no 31. 314 p”

Other publications
  • 1920 A guide for swimmers and swimming educators (Zwemmen: Handleiding voor zwemmers en zwemonderwijs with co-author F.C.G. Duverge, 1920 Sijthoff.  Revised as: Schoolzwemmen with co-author Hoogland R De Volharding 1926 & 1930)

From among his 369 scientific papers the following were consulted for this biography: A digitalized list of the titles of all 369 papers is available from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  1. Benjamins C.E. 1915 Eenige vergelijkende gegevens uit de neus-keel-oorheel kundige praktijk op Java en in Nederland.Over adenoide vegetaties. Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie Deel 55 afl 4. Javasche Boekhandel & Drukkerij
  2. Benjamins C.E. 1919. Eenige vergelijkende gegevens uit de neus-keel-oorheel kundige praktijk op Java en in Nederland.II :Over middenoorontsteking. (No publisher indicated)
  3. Benjamins C.E. 1924 Overgevoeligheids ziekten der bovenste luchtwegen. Rede uitgesproken  by de aanvaarding van hoogleeraar in de geneeskunde aan de rijksuniversiteit te Groningen op  zaterdag 20 September 1924. J.B. Wolters U.M. Groningen, Den Haag, 1924.
  4. Huizinga, E. 1940. In Memoriam: C.E. Benjamins 13 Juli 1873- 5 Februari 1940. Acta Oto - Rhino - Laryngologica Vol XXVIII fasc.2 Stockholm

C. Other references
  1. Huizing Egbert.H. & Paul van den Broek.  (2001)  Vivat Collegium Oto-Rhino-Laryngologicum  Amicitiae Sacrum 1926-2001.
  2. Huizing E.H. 2002 The Collegium 75 Years – Sailing a beautiful ship through calm  and stormy weather. A lecture presented at the occasion of the 75th celebration of ORLAS.

D. Personal information:  
  1. Frederika Johanna Sorg, 1933 A biographic note on the Benjamins-Sorg family:
    Based on her diary entries and compiled by her grand daughter Frederika Johanna Benjamins.
  2. Christina Catharina Hazenberg.1950-1976: Oral information given to her grandchildren.
  3. Huizing Egbert H.2005/06 Personal information