My Other Interests

  • Classical and pre classical music:
I am a student of music and an active musician playing baroque recorder and flute. In my youth I also played the double bass and the renaissance viol. My interest in music covers a wide period from 1600 to 1930. Favorite composers are J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Monteverdi, Telemann and Stravinsky.
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  • The study of history:
 In particular:
•    Sumerian and Assyrian history 3000BC-100 AD
•    Celtic pre-history 2000-BC- 100 AD
•    Chinese history 1000 BC- 1900 AD  
•    Twentieth century world history

  • Photography:
I am a photographer with a special interest in taking photos of traditional rural societies, landscapes and flowers.

  • Gardening:
My special interest is in growing water plants including lotus and water lilies.

  • Textile art:
My interest in traditional textile art is in particular focused on batik tulis or hand drawn batik