Curriculum Vitae Charles Emile van Santen
Date of birth and nationality 4 July 1935, Groningen, The Netherlands, Dutch
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics;
Agricultural University Wageningen, Netherlands. 1966
  • Ph.D. Economics of Rural Development
Dissertation: Rural Settlement Schemes in Ethiopia. Pacific Western University, Los Angeles,U.S.A.1988
ADDRESS Jl Preanger 11, Bukit Sentul, Bogor 16810,Indonesia Tel./Fax 021-8796 0649 Email cvsanten[at]indo[dot]net[dot]id
FAO Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome Italy 1966-1980 1966-1969 –Iraq: Institute for Cooperatives and Extension: Lecturer and socio economic research work
1970-1974 – Liberia: Rice Development Project Agricultural economist: Preparation of a Pre-feasibility study
1975-1979 – Ethiopia: Settlement Authority: Project director of a nation wide settlement study
1979-1980: Project Design Improving mixed farming systems for small farmers: S Sumatra & West Java.
1980- Senegal: World Food Project: Evaluation study

Directorate General for Technical Cooperation of the Netherlands 1981-1989 Malang, Indonesia: Research Institute for Food Crops
Director of the On the farm & farming systems research program
ESCAP Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific of the United Nations 1989-1995 Bogor, Indonesia. The Regional Centre for Coarse Grain, Pulses and Root crops: Program leader human resources development.
Responsible for coordination of multi country study projects and workshops in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand &Viet Nam.
1995-2000 Independent Consultant, Indonesia Completed eleven short assignments as economist-agriculturalist & financial specialist in projects for irrigation, groundwater, & swamp development and farming systems research in various locations in Indonesia covering most provinces of the country from Aceh Province in the west to the East Timor Province – 1997 in the east of the country.
Other short term assignments as independent economist consultant Tunisia 1961,Surinam 1963-64,Venezuela 1974,Tanzania 1974, Kenya 1981& Indonesia 1989