Major Technical Papers
  • Women in Upland Agriculture in Asia  (1996) CGPRT Center,  Bogor Indonesia,  Monograph No 33. Proceedings from a Workshop.  Co-editor.  
  • Integrating Seed Systems for Annual Food Crops, (1996) ESCAP CGPRT Center, Bogor , Indonesia. Monograph No 32. Proceedings from a Workshop. Co-editor
  • Local Soybean Seed Systems in Indonesia (1996) Palawija Seed Production and Marketing Project, Jakarta, Indonesia. Rapporteur.
  • From Diagnosis to Farmer Adoption: MARIF’s Maize On-Farm Research Programme in East Java, Indonesia (1991),(joint author) in: Planned Change in Farming Systems: Progress in On-Farm Research(1991) Tripp, R. (editor), John Wiley and Sons.Chichester-New York.  
  • Rural Employment and Small-scale Rural Food Processing in Asia, (1991) CGPRT Centre Monograph No 26, Bogor, Indonesia co-editor.
  • Rural Settlement Schemes in Ethiopia (1988), Ph.D. dissertation Pacific Western University,  Los Angeles, USA.
  • Maize On-Farm Research in the District of Malang (1987), Joint Author, Malang Research Institute for Food Crops, Malang, Indonesia.
  • Methodological Aspects of On-Farm Research with a Farming Systems Perspective (1985), Joint Author in Monograph No 4, CGPRT Centre Bogor Indonesia
  • Assistance to Settlement in Ethiopia: Rural Settlement Schemes (1980).  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy.
  • Selected Economic Aspects of Expanding Rice Production in Liberia, (1974). Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy.
  • Co-operatives and Marketing in the Greater Mussayib Project, Iraq (1969). Joint Author,  Institute of Co-operatives and Agricultural Extension, Baghdad, Iraq.

In addition I was the author/co-author of over forty internal research papers for the various programs and projects in which I participated, an annotated list of which is available on request.