Charles Emile Benjamins: 2. SEMARANG 1901-1911 - Page 5

East Java

  1. A trip to Surabaya, where he visited the family Harlof, 023 relatives of his spouse and to the    well-known waterfall of Tretes. Image100
  2. A trip to the Bromo massive from Malang via Nongkojajar: Images 118-123
  3. A visit to Batu, a mountain resort above Malang and from there a trip along the road Batu to  Pujon: Images 101-117
N.B. Probably some of these visits were combined in the same trip.

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Modes of travel
The question is often asked: “Which type of vehicles did Charles Emile use during his travels on Java in those days: horse drawn coaches, trains, automobiles, or litters?”
Grandmother mentioned the use of litters with four bearers when Frederika Johanna Sorg traveled with her grandchildren during school holidays to the tea plantation of the family Mc Gillevry which was located in the mountains above Ungaran.

Automobiles and trains
Charles Emile may have used the automobile of his friend Dr Vogel for some of his trips. Furthermore he may have used the train, as the line to Yogjakarta was already operational from 1868 onwards Semarang-Tanggung-Kedungjati-Surakarta-Yogjakarta-Ambarawa-Semarang and the line Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya since 1896.
Grandmother, while giving many details of her travels with grandfather, was not specific about the modes of travel used.