Batik Tulis
One of my interests is in  Batik Tulis, a textile art, whereby Batik is defined as a piece of cloth which is dyed with the wax resist dye method, using for the design specific batik motifs.

A batik design includes geometrical and non-geometrical motifs, which motifs in general have a cultural significance. The batik motifs on the cloth can be hand drawn by the batik pen or canting, which is called Batik Tulis or made by batik stamp or cap, which is called batik cap. Any cloth prepared with other techniques such as silk printing or painting is not considered as batik, but as cloth with batik motifs.

My specific interest in Batik Tulis includes of the production of this category of batik. From 1998 to 2004, I advised a small workshop producing Batik Tulis. In addition I built up over time a small collection of antic and modern pieces of batik cloth and a reference library on Batik Tulis as textile art and on the production of this type of batik.

Attached to this web page on Batik Tulis is a photo gallery with some thirty images showing the main steps of the production and a selection of batik cloth from my Batik Tulis Collection.

Recently I compiled a short paper on the production process of this type of batik: “BATIK TULIS:  Practical Notes on Batik Tulis Production”
The paper covers following subjects:
Definition; Brief history; Utilization; & Main production steps of Batik Tulis.
Technical notes on: The design; Transferring the design on the cloth; Waxing the cloth; Dyeing the cloth and Making fringes
The annex of the paper contains  
1. Titles of 83 reference documents on: Batik Tulis, Textile Art & Technical Issues  
2. Dyes: Recipes and Concepts  
3. Silk: Weaving, Dyeing and Concepts
In addition a Photograph Image Gallery of Batik Tulis is included:
4.1.Batik tulis production:                            27 images
4.2.Silk production:                                        6 images
4.3.My Batik Tulis collection:                      72 images
4.4.Overview of fill-in motifs or isen-isen:    4  images
For those interested in Batik Tulis and who would like to receive more information on the subject, you are welcome to contact me at cvsanten(at)indo(dot)net(dot)id .  
Images :
A. Production of Batik Tulis
B. Selection Charles Batik Tulis